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Terms of use

These Supply Conditions, together with the Customer Contract signed by the Customer are accepted by the parties as governing the supply of all services by Wageloch and the granting of a licence by Wageloch to the Customer.

1.1.“Additional Services” means any goods supplied or services performed of a type and nature not specifically referred to in the Customer Contract;

1.2. “Agreement” means the documents comprising the Customer Contract and Supply Conditions;

1.3. “Business Day” means a day on which the banks are open for general banking business in South Australia except Saturday, Sundays and public or statutory holidays;

1.4. the “Commencement Date” is the date agreed between the parties and recorded in the Customer Contract;

1.5. “Customer” means the person identified in the Customer Contract;

1.6. “Fingerprint Scanner” is either model Uare5160 or Uare4500, and may be substituted by Wageloch in its discretion;

1.7. “Intellectual Property Rights” are defined in clause 5;

1.8. “Licence” is defined in clause 6;

1.9. “Manual Administration Fee” is defined at clause 4;

1.10“Minimum Term” is 1 year from the Commencement Date;

1.11. “person” includes companies;

1.12. “Premises” has the meaning in the Details;

1.13. “Services” means the activities, work and services described in the Customer Contract;

1.14. “Software” includes the Wageloch Control software, the Wageloch Roster Software and the Wageloch Time software;

1.15. Headings are for convenience only and do not form part of these Terms and Conditions; and

1.16. Reference to the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular.

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